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Automatic screen printing machine series

  • Four post silk screen printing machine

    Four post silk screen printing machine

    ● Scope of application: This four-post automatic screen printing machine with auto take-off system are suitable for UV partial varnish, overall varnish, transfer paper, dashboard, nameplate, cardboard,acrylic sheet,traffic sign,scratch card, sticker, membrane switch and all kind of non-deforming materials ● Feature: 1) It is a 3/4 automatic production line which feeds material to printer by human hand, then takes off material automatically .The platform is adjustable and moveable, which make ...
  • Automatic glass screen printing machine line

    Automatic glass screen printing machine line

    ● Scope of application: It is a automatic glass silk screen printing machine production line which are suitable for automotive glass/architectural glass/decorative glass and all kinds of large size glass silkscreen printing. ● Feature: 1) The glass silk screen printer is controlled by touch+PLC, From automatically loading→automatically silk screen printing→automatically unloading, Until to drying tunnel, All are automatically realized. 2) Transmission ways Brake motors of international brands...