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Semi-automatic inclined arm silk screen printing machine

This is a lift arm inclined silk screen printing machine , a semi-automatic silk screen printing machine type of a printed area can be classified into several different types, a common maximum printing area: 600×900mm, of course, according to the maximum printing area The size of the silk screen of the customer’s product is determined, and the maximum printing area can be: 800×1200mm. 


The silk screen machine adopts a lifting type up and down movement stably, a lifting structure design, using a Taiwan-made lifting reducer. This screen printing machine uses a stainless steel printing platform, which is very durable. Of course, the speed of the machine can also be adjusted according to the proficiency of the operator. Of course, this is only in the design, considering that the operator does not know the machine very well, and may not be able to keep up with the speed of the machine in the actual production situation, so this function is designed.


The silk screen machine application industry is also very extensive. The lifting inclined arm screen printing machine is mainly used for film, film, packaging, and acrylic electronic products. Of course, if your product is suitable for this machine, you can consult our relevant technical personnel to learn more about the screen printing product. printing art. You can also give some opinions for your reference. We will also recommend a more suitable machine to customers. The best one is for you. This is the basic requirement we recommend. On the basis of satisfying customer’s product printing process, customers can choose a better screen printing machine.

Post time: Apr-23-2021