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Vigorously promote environmentally friendly screen printing on glass screen printing machines to achieve sustainable development


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In 2013, the central government allocated 277 million yuan through special funds for cultural industry development to support 43 projects including China Railway Publishing House’s green digital screen printing to update glass screen printing machine environmental protection screen printing equipment, promote the structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading of the screen printing industry, and encourage the environmental protection of the screen printing industry. , Energy saving and sustainable development.Resource and environmental constraints are a prominent contradiction facing my country’s current economic and social development, especially the problem of air pollution, which directly affects each of us. Advocate and practice the concept of environmental protection, and act with responsibility. To realize the transformation from a big screen printing country to a strong screen printing industry, China’s screen printing industry must solve the problems of the level of product quality and the transformation of industrial development methods at this stage, and make its own contributions to China’s economic and cultural development in a healthier, higher quality and efficient manner. .

Green screen printing refers to the use of environmentally friendly materials and processes, the screen printing process has less pollution, saves resources and energy, and the glass screen printing machine screen printing products are easy to recycle and recycle after being discarded. They are naturally degradable and have a small impact on the ecological environment. The entire life cycle of silk-screened products from raw material selection, production, use, and recycling should meet environmental protection requirements.

According to statistics, so far, green screen printing has expanded from the screen printing process to the entire industry chain of press and publishing, including publishing and distribution. The use of green screen printing involves 20% of publishing houses nationwide. 370 screen printing companies have passed green screen printing certification and nearly 1.2 million screen printing companies are engaged in the industry. The working environment of personnel has been improved. The green silk screen is in line with the requirements of national transformational development, green development, and sustainable development. Going green screen printing is a way of screen printing that has little environmental pollution and saves resources and energy. It is also the only way for the screen printing industry to develop and grow, and it is also an assisting direction for the screen printing industry.

Comrades, the implementation of green screen printing has a long way to go. Let us unite, gather the strengths of all parties, and pragmatically promote the implementation of green screen printing, and make new contributions to building a green upgraded version of China’s screen printing and building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society! Let green silk screen go with a better life!

Post time: Jan-05-2022