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How to choose the screen printing material in the screen printing machine

1. Screen frame
Generally speaking, the screen frames used in screen printing packaging are mostly aluminum alloy frames. Aluminum frames are highly praised by users for their tensile resistance, high strength, good quality, light weight, and convenient use. The size and material of the screen frame play an important role in the quality of the screen.

2. Screen
The wire mesh is divided into polyester wire mesh, nylon wire mesh and stainless steel wire mesh, and is further divided into multi-wire mesh and monofilament wire mesh. It depends on the accuracy of the print pattern, the quality of the print and the customer’s requirements. Usually, the fine products use monofilament screen.

3. Stretch the net
The aluminum alloy screen frame is usually stretched by a pneumatic stretcher to ensure the tension of the screen. In order to achieve the best printing quality, the tension of the screen must be uniform. If the tension is too high, the screen will be damaged and cannot be printed; if the tension is too low, it will result in low printing quality and inaccurate overprinting. The tension of the screen depends on the screen printing pressure, printing accuracy and the stretch resistance of the screen.

4. Ink
The physical properties of screen printing inks mainly include density, fineness, fluidity and light resistance, etc., which have a great influence on the quality and special effects of printed matter. If the density is moderate, the fineness meets the requirements, the fluidity of the formulated ink is ideal, and the light resistance is good, the printed product can achieve the desired effect. Inks are divided into solvent-based inks (natural drying) and UV light-curable inks. According to the requirements of equipment and printing methods, select the matching ink.

In the screen printing machine printing, the screen printing material directly affects the quality of the final finished product, such as improper equipment, printing plate, ink, post-processing and operating skills will cause printing failure.
Use proper methods to deal with it.

Post time: Jan-21-2021