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Characteristics of glass products printed by glass screen printing machine

Today , Today the editor of the screen printing machine manufacturer will introduce the characteristics of the glass products printed by the glass screen printing machine:

automatic silk screen printing machine

  automatic silk screen printing machine

Glass is a man-made object,and it is one of the most common materials in daily life.Glass is loved by people because of its transparent properties,and it is widely used in construction,daily life and other fields.:

The glass component of the glass printing machine is mainly silica,and silica is difficult to decompose naturally.In the natural environment,it takes a long time to decompose.Therefore,in order to protect the environment,we must pay attention to the use of glass products and have to recycle them.With the awareness of utilization,a large amount of glass waste is generated every year in the world.Although glass is a refractory substance,it can be recycled.We should not discard it at will,and do a good job of garbage classification.Even if the recycling value is not high,it can still turn waste into treasure after being re-manufactured.

Therefore,in order to make glass disappear in nature,it is usually through hydraulic,wind,geological movement and other dynamic actions to make the glass debris smaller,and Z will eventually become a powder with a very small particle size until it disappears.Therefore,how long glass can exist in nature, usually depends on the size of the dynamic action.

Isotropic:Homogeneous glass has the same properties in all directions,such as refractive index,hardness,elastic modulus,thermal expansion coefficient,etc.

Meta-stability: When the melt is cooled into a glass body,it can retain the structure at higher temperatures at lower temperatures without changing.

Reversible Grad-ability:The transition from the molten state to the glassy state is reversible and gradual.

Continuity:The physical and chemical properties change continuously with temperature during the transition from the molten state to the glassy state.

The above is the screen printing equipment manufacturer to introduce the main characteristics of the glass products printed by the glass screen printing machine.

Post time: Apr-07-2022